Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machine

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machine

Deep tissue laser therapy is a non-invasive, effective, and safe treatment option used for treating a wide range of conditions. This is a great way to help patients relieve discomfort and promote healing. This laser goes deep into the tissue in order to reduce inflammation at the cellular level, hence, fast-tracking the healing process. This advanced technique helps accelerate the healing process and allows patients to have a fast recovery.

Thousands of people have experienced the power of deep tissue laser therapy and are familiar with its therapeutic effects. So, here are more things you should know about deep tissue laser therapy.

Reduces Inflammation and Pain Without Side Effects

Laser therapy uses a procedure identified as photobiomodulation. During this process, the photons engage with the tissue cell and network with the cyt c within the mitochondria. This reaction activates a signaling pathway that leads to an increase in cellular metabolism and a decline in inflammation and pain. Unlike medications, deep tissue laser therapy reduces pain without unwanted side effects. While the degree of treatments required varies, many patients experience huge relief after a few treatments.

Help Treat Acute and Chronic Conditions

Laser therapy is a particularly effective option for the treatment of acute conditions, especially when administered almost immediately following the injury. The faster the healing process begins, the better. When it comes to acute injury, laser therapy can help restore a patient’s body to normal function faster. The treatment procedure is often used to help treat persistent inflammation and pain with chronic conditions.


A deep tissue laser therapy machine has a higher range of power and is more flexible in its use. A therapist can change the power of their laser to optimal for each particular situation. The availability of various treatment heads provides extra flexibility for the clinician. It is vital to have several delivery options to ensure the method is suitably matched to the condition. With different sized treatment heads, clinicians can also administer treatments that require various levels of precision.

Treatments Feel Good

Depending on the deep tissue laser therapy, the device can create a gentle, relaxing warmth or a little to no sensation. Many patients that receive these treatments have reported enjoying the experience. Patients that receive treatment with higher power deep tissue laser therapy also frequently report a significant decrease in pain. This treatment can be particularly distinct for people suffering from chronic pain.

Fast Treatments

With deep tissue laser therapy, treatments are faster – it’s usually within a few minutes, depending on the acuteness, depth, and degree of the condition being treated. A deep tissue laser therapy machine with high power can deliver a lot of energy in a little amount of time, so therapeutic prescriptions are attained quickly. Effective and fast treatments are a must for people with busy schedules.

Choosing the Best Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machines

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