Los Angeles Drug Treatment

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Los Angeles Drug Treatment

Carus Recovery offers unsurpassed Los Angeles drug treatment with a highly skilled team of physicians, mental health experts, and RNs. We create patient-oriented recovery plans during intake and use a combination of medical detox, evidence-based treatments, and holistic therapies to help our patients attain comprehensive recovery from addiction.

What is a family of choice?

Family of Choice refers to the group of people in an individual’s life who fill up the typical role of a family and act as their support system. Families of choice are more common in LGBTQ+ communities. LGBTQ+ family of choice includes members who can relate to individuals and understand their problems and struggles.

Having a family of choice allows recovering addicts to share their experiences of oppression and minority stress with like-minded individuals. We rank among the top rehab centers in Los Angeles, California, providing family of choice therapy and numerous other recovery modalities.

Difference between family therapy and family of choice therapy? 

Family therapy helps you improve troubled relationships and addresses specific issues between two people. As family members play a defining role in helping you stay clean in the long term, family therapy can improve the dynamics between you and your loved ones. It can also address the trust issues between you and your family members and help you heal from past trauma and unresolved anger.

Family of choice therapy refers to providing support and addiction resources to those who support the recovery of a former drug user. A supportive family system plays a critical role in helping you stay sober in the long run. Some recovering addicts may not have the support of their biological family members. We encourage such clients to bring those they consider as their support system to partake in family therapy sessions.

Both therapies help create a safe and stress-free environment for the recovering addict to lead a healthy and sober life after spending several days at a rehab facility. We are one of the best rehab centers in LA, CA, to offer family of choice therapy, especially to clients from the LGBTQ+ community.

How is family therapy helpful in addiction recovery?

Family therapy involves members of the recovering addict’s family and engages them in counseling and other addiction interventions. The family therapy sessions at our inpatient drug rehab center encompass one-on-one counseling and provide the family members the opportunity to share their life experiences and feelings.

While you may have complex family dynamics, our treatment professionals offer individual and group counseling for your family members and resolve conflicts. As an integral part of our inpatient addiction treatment in LA, family therapy sessions also improve communication and promote healing and growth. We are a licensed Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab with an excellent team of mental health therapists who offer family therapy and other psychotherapies.

Verify your insurance with us today at 888-616-9065. Carus Recovery is a reputed Los Angeles drug treatment facility with the best clinicians and around-the-clock medical care. Reach us now to begin on a life-transforming journey towards improved wellness.

Los Angeles Drug Treatment