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Better sleep begins before bedtime

Sep 8, 2022

We all know that wonderful feeling when, after a day full of exercise and activity, we settle into bed and drift right off. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way, making sleep elusive. Maybe you’ve had a long workday, with no time even to walk around the block on your lunch break. Or maybe you have an illness, injury, or chronic health issue that makes it difficult to move your body the way you’d like to . . . or causes pain or discomfort that makes it frustratingly difficult to fall and stay asleep. This can especially be difficult when we know how important sleep is to our body and overall health.

What to do? Meditation and breathing exercises may help, but often they only scratch the surface of the problem. Turning off screens an hour before bedtime, as many sleep experts recommend, isn’t always possible. And sleep aids can have a rebound effect, leave you groggy the next morning, or even lead to addiction.

The best thing you can do is a low-level laser therapy session with your Genesis One laser. Only 10 to 15 minutes of laser therapy provides exceptional benefits that lead to truly deep and restorative sleep.

How does it work? Partly, it works the same way exercise does: by stimulating the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, and nervous systems.

For instance, when we eat too much sugar, including carbs and alcohol, we feel sluggish but not sleepy, or we fall asleep but then wake up in the middle of the night. A healthy body will break down these sugars, but the process is slow. By enhancing blood circulation, which brings oxygen where it’s needed most—a benefit enhanced by our lasers that have built in oxygen ionizers—a Genesis One laser helps your body’s red blood cells to break down these sugars in the bloodstream more quickly. Better circulation also disperses minerals more evenly throughout the body, making them fully available to do their job of enhancing sleep. It even releases endorphins just as exercise does, providing a feeling of calm and wellness that helps you dismiss the worries of the day and settle into the rejuvenating sleep you need—and deserve!

Genesis One lasers are particularly well designed for this purpose, because they have up to 15 wavelengths—by far the most of any devices on the market today—working simultaneously, each accessing the body at a slightly different angle. This stimulates more nerves, which boosts every single one of the benefits listed above. And, of course, with the use of a Genesis One Laser, you can also be treating the underlying issues that may be preventing you from sleeping well.

Contact Genesis One Laser today to learn which product is best for all your wellness needs—day and night.