WHY Choose Genesis One Lasers?

Genesis One Laser is the most effective and best brand of health and beauty lasers ever made because we have the needs of people in mind with every product we create.

The most important aspect of laser treatment is the person it treats. Producing the worlds best lasers is just the beginning to what’s truly important: your health, your results and your quality of life. We are driven by high standards and moral ethics and this is why we strive to be the best… for you.

When you compare Genesis One Lasers to the top laser companies, there simply is no comparison. When you care about premium quality and excellent service, as well as performance, then the choice is clear.

Here are the

– TOP 4 reasons –

why Genesis One Lasers are your only choice:

Genesis One Laser provides 5-20X more power than any other laser on the market.

Genesis One Laser provides a multitude of simultaneous wavelengths, more than anyone in the industry.

Genesis One Laser provides the largest coverage area in the industry.

Genesis One Laser is the only existing lasers that deliver ionized oxygen during treatment.

Additional Benefits That Make Genesis One Laser

Your Best Choice:

  • No protocols and no warm-up time
  • No limit on how long you can use the laser
  • No overheating
  • Provides pure, consistent and continuous power with output range from 65W up to 980 watts
  • Multiple “simultaneous” wavelengths (4 to 11) vs (1-2) at a time, Genesis One Lasers provide simultaneous benefits to the treatment area and entire body
  • Stimulates blood flow, while oxygenating and cleansing your blood
  • Heals, repairs and regenerates soft tissue, muscle and bone marrow
  • Providing re-energizing, lasting effectiveness and pain relief
  • Largest treatment exposure area virtually 10 to 20 X greater than our competitors
  • Genesis One Lasers and NASA are the ONLY lasers that use innovative, game changing CHIP technology rather than LED or lenses to induce power and coverage
  • 2-Year replacement warranty

Try One and See

Genesis One Lasers are for health care providers and individuals who want the best equipment and results. Using our lasers not only outperform other lasers, but also other go-to and out-dated treatment options.

The number one reason to choose Genesis One Laser is their effectiveness. We encourage you to do the research and find a better product.

We are here to help you understand how lasers will help your clients, patients and your ROI.

Treatment options have changed. Don’t get left behind with old methods or flashy technology with less than half the power.

Leaders in laser Technology

We are setting an industry standard to be effective and get results. The simple nature of our lasers place the correct emphasis on what they do rather than how they look.

Not Just a Laser

Join the Genesis One Laser Family. You’ll enjoy a personalized shopping experience and follow-up service with a smile and genuine interest. Here’s what our specialists do for you:


  • Help you find the perfect laser/s for your needs
  • Deliver your laser(s) to your door
  • Stand behind the product with parts & service, with a 2 year warranty
  • Discuss ROI and financing options that work with your budget


Our lasers don’t exist to look pretty. They exist for effectiveness and durability. We don’t hide behind an image, we place importance on people and results first.

We put our money where our mouth is with an exclusive 2-year warranty. That’s quality that lasts!



Use Genesis One for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and to temporarily increase local blood circulation where heat is indicated. Promotes wound healing. FDA Cleared for these usages.

All Genesis One Lasers are Class II Medical Devices, 510K Exempt and FDA Registered. The ILY device type was deemed 510(k) exempt on July 11. 2017

Adhere to laser safety guidelines including safety eyewear. Laser safety requirements should include protective eyewear from visible light from the laser beam to laser radiation. Understanding laser hazard and safe use of lasers is required for use with any laser product and varies depending on laser classification.