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Photobiomodulation Devices

Sep 8, 2022

Photobiomodulation refers to the process by which light is applied to the body in order to elicit a photochemical reaction. Photobiomodulation (PBM) increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production, reduces oxidative stress and improves circulation drawing oxygen and nutrients to the area. PBM therapy creates an optimal healing environment that promotes recovery from many acute and chronic conditions without harmful side effects or the need for medications.

Photobiomodulation may also be referred to as:

  • Red Light Therapy,
  • Low Level Laser Therapy,
  • Led Therapy or Led Light Therapy,
  • Cold Laser Therapy,
  • and Biostimulation or Photonic Stimulation.

Devices known as photobiomodulation therapy devices, red light therapy devices, or low-level laser light therapy devices, deliver near-infrared light to a targeted area of the body in order to promote healing and rejuvenation of cells. The wavelength of light is important as the red and near infrared light have a longer wavelength and are able to penetrate further into the body and treat deep tissue injuries.

Clinical studies have shown that light therapy reduces inflammation and promotes wound healing. It has been shown to be effective in treating oral mucositis in cancer patients, and to promote hair growth. And there are even studies which suggest infrared light therapy could have therapeutic benefits for people suffering from degenerative brain disorders.

Because of the way photobiomodulation therapy works, essentially boosting cellular energy and reducing the presence of free radicals within cells, photobiomodulation devices can be used to treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. Treating the cause of the illness rather than merely managing the symptoms. As such, photobiomodulation therapy can be used to treat everything from tennis elbow to diabetic ulcers, as well as being effective as a form of pain management and having cosmetic and even weight loss benefits.

Genesis One Photobiomodulation Therapy Machines

At Genesis One we create the highest quality laser therapy machines that have a bio-stimulating effect, enhancing the body to affect its own repairs. Genesis One lasers incorporating NASA “Chip Technology” have incredible anti-aging effects, treating skin from the inside out, improving collagen production and rejuvenating the skin at the epidermal, dermal and muscular levels.

The range also includes light devices that are designed to assist with body contouring and weight loss. Targeted laser therapy can be used to activate fat cells opening up channels that allow the contents of the cells to be released and naturally expelled by the body. At the same time photobiomodulation improves skin tone and tightness by stimulating the production of collagen.

Genesis One devices combine optimal power output with multiple available wavelength frequencies. They offer optimal power density for the needs of the client and can deliver multiple simultaneous light frequencies for maximum results. Genesis One lasers not only offer superior power output and coverage to the majority of photobiomodulation devices on the market, they are also the only devices to deliver ionized oxygen during treatment.

Ionized oxygen

Light Therapy Machines For At Home Use

Although generally, you would go to see a treatment specialist to receive treatment using a photobiomodulation device, home-use photobiomodulation devices are available allowing you to reap the benefits of photobiomodulation therapy from the comfort of your own home. Home-use devices are particularly popular with athletes that may suffer frequent sports injuries or need continuous treatment for old injuries as well as those with long term conditions that cause chronic pain or inflammation. At home products must be researched as many in the market have less effect and won’t perform as you would like them to.

Laser light therapy devices may also be used at home for their anti-aging and regenerative properties. Light therapy photobiomodulation can be used to promote neck rejuvenation, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, scars and age spots, and treat other conditions such as acne thanks to the purifying and anti-bacterial properties.

Choose wisely when searching for self-applied photobiomodulation as there are questions around the therapeutic efficacy of many of the home-use photobiomodulation devices. However, so long as proper care is taken and a suitable self-applied photobiomodulation device is chosen there is no reason photobiomodulation therapy should not be used at home.