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Unlocking the Secrets to Anti-Aging

Sep 21, 2022

Turning Back the Clock
Today, advances in nutrition, exercise, and medicine are helping people feel younger than ever, enjoying life to the fullest, decade after decade. The power of biophotonics, as delivered by Genesis One lasers, is part of that revolution in health science. But did you know that in addition to helping treat injuries, illnesses, and chronic disorders, biophotonic treatment offers anti-aging skin benefits so that you can look younger too?

Many current anti-aging treatments involve painful needles and questionable chemicals, and they can create an oddly artificial appearance. Biophotonic treatment is painless and safe, and it offers natural-looking results because it works with your body, not against it.

What’s the Collagen Connection?
You probably know that wrinkles and sagging skin are mostly the result of the breakdown of collagen, an essential protein in the skin. What you may not know is that your skin continues producing collagen throughout your life. It doesn’t quit; it just can’t quite keep up with the demand created by accelerating collagen breakdown. In other words, your skin wants to stay young, elastic, and healthy! It just needs a little help.

This is where a Genesis One laser truly, well, shines. It targets and stimulates those collagen-producing cells, boosting what they do naturally. Biophotonic therapy also increases the oxygen supply to your skin cells, encouraging turnover and healing and reducing the inflammation that can slow natural anti-aging processes. This oxygenation also helps skin finally start recovering from the sun damage we’ve all incurred over the years. (You may not be able to time-travel back to your teen years and put on sunscreen . . . but your Genesis One laser is the next best thing!) And, for those who opt to continue with other anti-aging options, biophotonic therapy can enhance and complement those; for instance, laser treatment reduces the skin irritation and inflammation that may result from some treatments, and it smooths areas where fillers may have been over-injected.

Unblemished Beauty
Speaking of the teen years, many people find that they’re tackling wrinkles and sags but also still dealing with acne. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? And, to add insult to injury, what works for one problem sometimes makes the other worse. Astringents may dry the skin, clearing blemishes but highlighting fine lines; heavy creams may firm up the skin but also cause breakouts. Here again, it’s your Genesis One laser to the rescue. Not only does it provide the anti-aging benefits discussed above, but through the miraculous power of light—and the specific power of Genesis One lasers, which use multiple wavelengths to provide multiple levels of treatment simultaneously—it purifies and cleanses the skin’s surface, helping resolve and prevent blocked pores without the need for harsh chemicals that dry or damage the skin. Soon the skin can “breathe” as it’s supposed to, becoming clear and radiant again.

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