Environmental Disinfectant

G1 1580V

Floor stand system with auto shut-off digital timer

  • Virus Protection
  • Supports clean environment
  • Eliminates pathogens in the airspace


1580 Watt / 1,580,000 MW Output

4 simultaneous wavelength frequencies
4000’ Radius

Jean H. Kim, Ph.D., Howard J. Walls, Ph.D., and Lynn Davis, Ph.D. of RTI International tested the Genesis One Environmental Disinfection Laser, Model 1580, intended for disinfection of the air in a workspace. The device was tested in an aerosol chamber with a virus simulant and an infectious bacterium simulant.

After 31 minutes of the usage, the study showed 99% removal of the virus pathogen. To achieve 99.9% removal of pathogens 46 minutes would be required for virus pathogens and 126 minutes for bacterium pathogens. We are proud of our product’s capabilities to help keep environments safe from infectious pathogens.