Class 4 Laser For Sale

Class 4 Laser For Sale

There is a range of applications for laser therapy, and a clinician who adds them to their arsenal is making the best possible investment. Laser laser herapy treatment tools effectively chronic pain management and powerful healing because they increase the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Laser therapy is appropriate for specific soft or deep tissue problems because it targets the cells and enhances the normal, natural process that stimulates recovery. The cellular energy function of these cells will kick start several healing processes, including transportation of nutrients to the right areas, better circulation, and reduced inflammation. Over time, the entire area will have less inflammation, swelling, and pain.

The article below will discuss the physical aspects of these laser devices and how each setting or feature affects its overall performance.

Benefits of Class II Lasers vs. Class 4 Lasers

When looking into how the Class II laser out performs Class IV, to start with, the largest complaints from practitioners using laser technology is treatment size and efficiency.

Class lV lasers have a notoriously very small beam diameter ranging from the size of an aspirin to the size of a golf ball – Class II offers a much larger treatment area. So not only does this mean you will need to continually move the laser during treatment with Class IV, it also means the risk to clients during treatment increases. Because the beam is small, it is also concentrated and hot, making it dangerous to hold in one spot at full capacity for more than a second or two. To mitigate damage, practitioners have to elevate it from their clients skin at least 10” or higher, which changes its efficiency.

Because of these hazards, treatment time is neither long enough, nor strong enough to get efficient benefit from its use. Because class lV lasers need to be magnified to make them stronger, as well as emit radiation, all class lV lasers have to be ministered by professionals requiring training and constant supervision in order to mitigate risk and damage.

Understanding the negatives to class lV and their inefficiency, we listened to our clients and created Genesis One Lasers that do not rely on magnification for power and instead use gel chips. This allows us to increase laser power far exceeding what has become standardized to current use. This allows a boasting beam size of 6” diameter up to 24”, while also allowing longer treatment times without the same risk of damage to the skin. These two factors allow for higher quality of treatment both in laser power as well as treatment area and safety measures.

Waves And Frequencies Of The Cold Laser Therapy Equipment For Sale

A great physician will keep adjusting the settings while in motion to ensure each part gets the right combination of frequencies and wavelengths. We have a lot of different Class II laser devices in-store, so you should be able to get one with the ultimate potential to treat clients' desired areas and issues quickly.

The Class II laser also does not require that the laser head be moved around as much. They are larger in the size of the beam, so the concentration is not the same as with Class IV. This means that instead of moving the head around the treatment area or holding the head up to 10″ away from the treatment area, Class II lasers can stay close to the skin for longer periods of time without the worry of causing burns.

Check them out today for more descriptions before ordering a Class 2 laser for home use.

Class 4 Laser For Sale