Class 4 Laser For Sale

Class 4 Laser For Sale

Class 4 Laser For Sale

There is a range of applications for laser therapy, and a clinician who adds them to their arsenal is making the best possible investment. Class IV therapy treatment tools effectively chronic pain management and powerful healing because they increase the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Laser therapy is appropriate for specific soft or deep tissue problems because it targets the cells and enhances the normal, natural process that stimulates recovery. The cellular energy function of these cells will kick start several healing processes, including transportation of nutrients to the right areas, better circulation, and reduced inflammation. Over time, the entire area will have less inflammation, swelling, and pain.

The article below will discuss the physical aspects of these laser devices and how each setting or feature affects its overall performance.

Explanation Of The Best Class 4 Laser For Sale

All laser devices have classifications to describe their output power and potential to offer thermal healing power. Class lasers have an output power that exceeds 0.5 watts, which means they are safe for applications in the cosmetic industry, hair removal services, surgical functions, and military devices that use laser beams to shoot down a target.

The Class IV laser therapy machine used on the human body must follow the defined scope of practice to ensure safety. There are a lot of different lasers using class IV therapy, including GaAIAs.

GaAIAs use laser beams to penetrate deep into the tissue. The exact specifications of this device will be effective for use on deep tissues, which means all perimeters, including the power density, beam size, and more, will all be specific to this exact application. Let’s look at the exact parameters needed to stimulate deep tissue healing.

Dosage Of Using Class IV Laser For Therapeutic Uses

Energy – Biostimulation can be triggered with only 0.001J/cm laser energy and go as high as 10J/cm. The exact number depends on the area and condition to be treated, hence the need to work with an experienced and educated physician that can break down the numbers. Some critical factors they will consider include:

  • Condition of the tissue
  • Pigmentation
  • Type of tissue to be treated
  • Chronicity of the ailment

Critics state that high doses are potentially harmful to the body, but remember that it would take an insanely high number to cause massive damage that will cut into the tissue, causing coagulation or other adverse effects.

Waves And Frequencies Of The Cold Laser Therapy Equipment For Sale

The human body adapts to different settings depending on the exact condition of the tissue. All the different combinations of frequencies and wavelengths will trigger different physiological responses. An example is that a frequency above 5000Hz will be effective as an anti-fungal and anti-microbial, whereas a frequency of less than 10HZ will have an analgesic effect.

A great physician will keep adjusting the settings while in motion to ensure each part gets the right combination of frequencies and wavelengths. We have a lot of different class IV laser devices in-store, so you should be able to get one with the ultimate potential to treat your desired areas and issues quickly. Check them out today for more descriptions before ordering a Class 4 laser for home use.